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Complex product Rumistart

The complex product improves the processes of ruminal digestion, increases productivity and livability of farm animals. It stimulates rapid growth of calve rumen and start of enzymatic system
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Complex product Rumistart


The complex product improves the processes of ruminal digestion, increases productivity and livability of farm animals. It stimulates rapid growth of calve rumen and start of enzymatic system.

Product range: Probiotics and Prebiotics

Application field: Cattle farming

Commodity form and package: Powder




Rumistart is a symbiotic product. It contains a complex of probiotics (live cultures), prebiotics (mannanoligosaccarides) and enzymes. All biologically active agents of Rumistart are balanced. The product stimulates the immune system of animals, reduces the cases of acidosis. Rumistart also stimulates rumen fermentation and digestion, absorption of nutrients in the animal body.


Biological Properties:


Rumistart contains cellulolytic bacteria Ruminococcus albus which is specific to the animal rumen. Inoculation (settlement) of rumen by Ruminococcus albus bacteria helps to normalize rumen microflora if it is damaged due to acidosis. Bacteria Ruminococcus albus produces powerful enzyme complex that breaks down non-starch polysaccharides (cellulose).

In addition, Ruminococcus albus has a high antagonistic (inhibitory) activity against Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Proteus and other pathogens.

Spore-forming bacteria Bacillus subtilis contained in Rumistart transforms into vegetative form in digestive tract, multiplies and produces biologically active substances. These substances suppress  the growth and development of putrefactive, pathogenic microorganisms, recover population of lacto and  bifid bacteria.

Rumistart  also contains enzymes: amylase, cellulase, β-glucanase, which increase fiber and starch digestibility. In addition, a pectin-liase enzyme is included in Rumistart complex. It provides better roughage assimilation. Thus, the complex of enzymes is aimed to improve rumen digestion and to  increase the digestibility of fodder which is especially important when acidosis.

Prebiotic component of Rumistart is mannanoligosaccaride (MOS). It is a substance extracted from yeast cell walls by mechanical-enzymatic processing. MOS using mannose residues binds to bacterial receptors. Pathogenic bacteria with blocked receptors cannot fixate on the surface of epithelial cells and transit the digestive tract. The inner surface of the digestive tract is released for the growth of beneficial microflora that results in  reduction of diarrhea.



Mechanism of action

Ruminococcus albus

Highly productive microflora specific to the rumen

Bacillus subtilis

Probiotic cultures normalize the intestinal flora

Lactobacillus acidophilus


Activation of rumen fermentation, acceleration of green mass and bulky feed digestion

α- amylase

Activation of rumen fermentation, acceleration  of starch concentrate digestion

β- glucanase

Improvement of fiber digestion


Mannanoligosaccarides (MOS)

Sorption of pathogenic microflora

Introduction norms, g/head/day:



Calve to 1 month


Calve from 1 to 6 months


Cattle in fattening, and lactating cow


Rumistart promotes rapid adaptation of calves to independent feeding when changing the ration to roughage. It allows to protect youngsters from many diseases during this period.

Rumistart is recommended for cows to normalize digestion. It enhances the rumen activity, fiber digestion and absorption of non-protein nitrogen. Rumistart promotes early rehabilitation after diseases (acidosis, meteorism, atony, rumen dysfunction). It prevents loss of milk production when changing the cow diet.

Rumistart is given to animals individually once per day with water, milk or forage.




The product is packed by 20 kg into polyethylene bags, placed into multiply paper or woven polypropylene bags.



Shelf life

6 months at the temperature from -30 to +30 °C


In December 2012 "Sibbiopharm" received a certificate of international certification body TUV NORD CERT (Germany) according to the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008. The company received the right to use the mark TUV NORD CERT

Since 2009, "Sibbiopharm", entered in the Federal Register of reliable suppliers.

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