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The pioneer in the field of microbiological production

The history of the enterprise is broad and multifaceted. It was the factory that launched the new  field of microbiology - complex production of biological products.
It specialized in production of plant protection agents, feed antibiotics, enzyme products for animal breeding, other products of microbial synthesis.
The factory construction began after the Decree of the Coulcil of Ministers of the USSR dated February 25th, 1955 on the development of chemical and microbiological industry in the country.
The plant was to become one of a dozen similar new factories in the country. The construction process was slow and it accelerated after the Plenum of Central Committee in 1963, when the construction rate of chemical factories was criticized.
The first product - antibiotic Biovit-40 - aimed for treatment of diseases of agricultural animals, was produced in February of 1964.
In 1965 the product line expanded: the factory started production of microbiological plant protection agents (first product - Entobacterin). 

Important years of the company

Start of construction Berdsk chemical plant, 1990-plant of biologics.
The reception operation of the first plant for manufacturing products of microbiological synthesis (boiler, compressor, shop 31).
The first batch of finished product, fodder preparation of Biovit.
The commissioning of the plant 32, intended for the production of microbiological plant protection products: Entobacterin and Dendrophilia.
Commissioning of sector 33, intended for large-scale production of various microbial agents fermenters with a volume of 63 m3 high-performance separators.
Commissioning of sector 36, designed for large-scale production of microbial products with high efficient equipment for vacuum-evaporation and spray drying. For the first time in Russia begins industrial production of enzymes by deep cultivation.
The plant is awarded the challenge Red Banner of the CPSU Central Committee, the USSR, the trade unions and the Komsomol Central Committee (35 times) featured on the all-Union hall of Fame at ENEA USSR.
The awarding of the collective order of the red banner of Labor for his great contribution to the development of the industry, early execution of X five year plan and socialist obligations.
Reconstruction of piping systems process equipment in manufacturing plants for the purpose of guaranteeing aseptic culture conditions.
Introduction of phagostable strains in the production of Entobacterin and Bitoxybacillin.
The introduction received in the factory of super strains-producers of enzymes.
Introduction of automated control systems of production and technological process in shop 36.
Putting into production a highly effective means of protection of plants from harmful insects - Lepidocide.
The red Banner of the CPSU Central Committee, the USSR, the trade unions and the Komsomol Central Committee transferred to the staff of the plant for permanent storage, with the entry on the all-Union Board of Honor at ENEA USSR, awarded the Commemorative medal "For high efficiency and quality of work in the XI five-year plan"
Line installation, development and production of the first batches of syringes single use
Delivery of the first batch of products on the foreign market.
The introduction of new methods for concentration and purification: ion-exchange process, ultrafiltration.
Industrial production Ballykine on the basis selected by the enterprise specialists plant super-producer strain.
Industrial production of a new commodity form of Lepidocide for use in forestry and agriculture - suspension concentrate (SC and SC-M).
Plant protection products and growth promoters have been awarded diplomas of laureates of the contest "100 best goods of Russia 1999", drugs for livestock - Bazillion, Aminocoumarin, Protosubtilin - finalists of the competition "100 best goods of Russia 1999".
Mastering the production of Celloviridin, liquid forms of the enzymes. Translation of automated control system of technological processes of sector 36 to new modern element base.
The first production batch of biological fungicide Bactofit (means of plant protection from diseases).
The release of a new range of products for alcohol industry and fodder production. The change of ownership and business name for the LLC Sibbiopharm Ltd.
The modernization of production.
Installation and commissioning of the pilot phase (made in Switzerland), installation and commissioning of ultra - and microfiltration plants and granulation line.
LLC Sibbiopharm Ltd registered in the Federal register of conscientious suppliers for 2009.<br />
The company was awarded the Gold medal of the Interregional contest "Best goods and services of Siberia - GEMMA".
LLC Sibbiopharm Ltd registered in the Federal register of conscientious suppliers 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 years.
Sibbiopharm Ltd received the certificate of the International certification body TUV NORD CERT (Germany) the conformity of the quality management System of the enterprise with the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2008

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