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"Sibbiopharm" Ltd. - the largest biotech company in Russia producing high-microbiological agent for the extermination of larvae more than 80 species of mosquitoes (Anopheles and malarial mosquitoes decimated, and the rice Midge, midges) – Bacticide.

The product is intended for the extermination of larvae of all mosquito species in all environments and for all types of water bodies, including fisheries, in the basements of homes and buildings for other purposes.

Mosquitoes are carriers of many dangerous diseases, including malaria and encephalitis.

Bacticide is the most effective and safe tool in the fight against mosquito larvae in their breeding. The drug is safe for humans, mammals, birds, bees, water inhabitants, including fish, does not cause environmental pollution, does not accumulate in the biota and in agricultural products.

Bacticide easy to use and, due to their ecology, essential for the treatment of Park and conservation areas, basements of houses. The loss of larvae after application of bacticide occurs after 4 to 24 hours.

The effectiveness of Bacticide - 100%

Bacticide successfully applied in all regions of Russia and exported to the countries of Near and Far Abroad (Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, India, Turkey).

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Advantages of working with us

  • We have our own laboratory

    Laboratory and equipment allows carrying out product test and research on-site.

  • Production Modernization

    Our company constantly carries out modernization of the production facilities and increases output

  • Quality control

    Quality management system of the company is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 standards by the international agency TUV NORD CERT

  • Cooperation with research institutes

    Close cooperation and collaboration with research institutes, scientists and professors helps in new product development.

  • Consultations

    The company consults farmers how to optimize feed rations and how to use enzymes, antibiotics and other products.

  • Warehouses

    Large warehouses allow to satisfy the customers’ demands in biological products.

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