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 мама с теленком.jpg It's no secret that the intestine is the most powerful organ of the immune protection. About 80% of immune cells are in the small and large intestines. And a quarter of all intestine mucous membrane is presented by immunologically active tissue and immune cells. 
Under the influence of improper feeding, diseases and stress there develops the intestine imbalance.To restore the normal microflora of the  
intestine and optimize digestive processes it is recommended to use probiotics and prebiotics in the diets of animals and poultry. Probiotics and  
prebiotics lead to a significant increase in digestibility and accessibility of dietary nutrients, reduce the number of pathogenic microorganisms. 
Prebiotics are food ingredients, which are not digested by intestine, but stimulate  growth and activity of the normal microflora in the digestive system. 
Probiotics are products based on live microorganisms, which have beneficial action on the animal organism by improving the intestinal microbial balance and  
stimulation of metabolic and immune processes. 
Synbiotics are complex products, which contain a combination of probiotics and prebiotics, and strengthen the animal organism. 
Symbiotics are products based on combination of several probiotic bacteria.

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