Lecanicillium lecanii (Verticillium lecanii)

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BIOVERT™ is a biological insecticide meant to protect vegetable and ornamental crops from sucking insects: European (Californian) thrips and greenhouse whitefly. The product is based on entomopathogenic fungus Lecanicillium lecanii (Verticillium lecanii). Yellowish-ivory powder.
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PRODUCT FORMULATION The product active ingredients are blastospores of producer fungus, that are pathogenic for sucking pest larvae and imago in greenhouses and on the field, and group of metabolites with insecticidal activity.
Fungus pathogenic properties are associated mainly with its ability to permeate across pest cuticle due to product mechanical pressure and presence of cuticle destroying enzymes. Insecticidal metabolites, that are synthesized by fungus producer, include compounds of protein nature (bassianolide, beauvericin, aphidicolin), organic acids, phospholipids and compound, belonged to toxic terpenoids. Metabolites destroy pest vestiture, inhibit protein and nucleic acid synthesis.

In agriculture, Biovert™ is applied to protect vegetable crops and flowers in greenhouses and on the field.
Biovert™ is applied by means of plant spraying with any available ground spraying devices.
Product is recommended to be applied in dry weather in the morning or evening
Optimal conditions for producer: night temperature – 16-18°С, day temperature – 22-26°С; air humidity during first 2-3 days – 80-85%.
When product is applied in optimal conditions, first symptoms of pest destruction may be detected o the 4th-5th day and expressed as occurrence of farina. On the 8th-10th day white velvet mycelium appears in pest body.

  • Is not phytotoxic, not accumulated in plants and fruits
  • Ensures eco-friendly and safe products
  • May be applied at any stage of plant growth
  • No safety interval
  • Recommended for prophylactic use and within integrated plant protection systems
  • Safe for people, warm-blooded animals, hydrobionts, bees and entomophages. 

Biovert™ consumption rates when applied in vegetable and flower greenhouses
Crop Pest Application particularities Consumption rate, g/ha Safety interval
(treatment frequency)
Flowers and vegetable crops European (Californian) thrips Spraying with 0,75-1% dilution every 7-8 days during period of larva massive occurrence to protect from each new generation 10 -(5)
Greenhouse whitefly Spraying with 0,75-1% dilution every 7-10 days during period of larva massive occurrence to protect from each new generation 10 -(3)

Commodity form: powder Biovert™ 
Shelf life: 
6 months at (-20) - (+20)°С. 
Packaging: packed by 15 kg, 20 kg in hermetically sealed polyethylene bags.


In December 2012 "Sibbiopharm" received a certificate of international certification body TUV NORD CERT (Germany) according to the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008. The company received the right to use the mark TUV NORD CERT

Since 2009, "Sibbiopharm", entered in the Federal Register of reliable suppliers.

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