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The world is not standing still, it is constantly evolving.

Innovation is the main driving force for economic and social development.

For the innovative development of the modern economy are the three key areas of technology development: information technology, nanotechnology and biotechnology.

An important element in the innovation strategy "Sibbiofarm" is close cooperation with the scientific community. The company cooperates with more than thirty research institutes and educational centers in Russia and abroad, constantly developing and introducing into production new products and technologies.
The company is actively forming the actual agenda for the development of biotechnology in Russia, including a party to a government working group directly involved in the development of all programs in the field of biotechnology. "Sibbiofarm" - one of the key partners of the Technology Platform "Biotech 2020".

Activities for "Sibbiofarm" aimed at creating a competitive industrial biotechnology and the public worldwide. The company is focused on the development of the national microbiological industry.