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Kormomix-MOS is applied for normalization of intestinal microflora and optimization of digestive process. It can be used as alternative to feed antibiotics; together with feed antibiotics to increase their efficacy; in antibiotic cycling programs.
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Main characteristics
The product is a combination of mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) and β-glucans, amino acids and vitamin B complex
Composition Content, %
including activated mannan-oligosaccharides
not less than 25%
up to 8%
including amino acids
up to 45%
up to 38%
Vitamin B complex up to 640 mg/kg

Biological properties
Mannan-oligosaccharides with the help of mannose residues are bound to bacterial receptors. Bacteria with blocked receptors can not fix on the surface of epithelial cells and pass through gastrointestinal tract. Inner surface of gastrointestinal tract is cleared to develop beneficial microflora. It is expressed by reduction the frequency and severity of diarrhea. β-glucans activate either tissue immunity, protecting the body from antigens invasion or systemic immunity, destroying foreign genetic material, penetrated into the body, and leading to immunorestoration.

Advantages of Kormomix-MOS:
  • increases animal productivity 
  • reduces cost of feed per unit
  • improves animal immune system; reduces occurrence of diarrhea
  • has no contra indications and does not build tolerance
  • safe and not toxic for agricultural animals and poultry even with multiple overdose
  • does not accumulate in animal organs, tissues and agricultural products
  • fully compatible with feed components and feed additives
  • is mixed well, can withstand pelleting and extrusion

Consumption rates of Kormomix-MOS

Consumption rate
Broilers 0,5-1,0 kg/ton
Layers 0,2 kg/ton
Preweaning and weaning piglets 0,5-1,0 kg/ton
Sows 0,5-1,0 kg/ton
Feeder swines 0,5-1,0 kg/ton
Calves till 6 months 5-10 gr per capita
Cows, feeder cattle              10-20 gr per capita  

Package: 20 kg bags
Warranted term of storage: 6 months at temperature from -30˚С to +30˚С.


In December 2012 "Sibbiopharm" received a certificate of international certification body TUV NORD CERT (Germany) according to the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008. The company received the right to use the mark TUV NORD CERT

Since 2009, "Sibbiopharm", entered in the Federal Register of reliable suppliers.

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