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«Sibbiopharm» introduces to the market a new biological insecticide «Biovert»

«Sibbiopharm» introduces to the market the modern insecticide «Biovert» for greenhouse complexes. Biovert is biological insecticide meant to protect vegetable and ornamental crops from sucking insects: European (Californian) thrips and greenhouse whitefly. The product is based on entomopathogenic fungus Lecanicillium lecanii (Verticillum lecanii).  The product active ingredients are blastospores of producer fungus that are pathogenic for sucking pest larvae and imago in greenhouses and on the field and group of metabolites with insecticidal activity.  Biovert is not phytotoxic, not accumulated in plants and fruits, safe for people, warm-blooded animals, hydrobionts, bees and entomophages, recommended for prophylactic use and within integrated plant protection systems.

Biovert for greenhose complexeses